The Best Dice Games to Play with Family and Friends

Aug 23

The Best Dice Games to Play with Family and Friends

Dice games are fun, no doubt about that, and there are hundreds of dice games out there for players to enjoy and have fun. These dice games can include drinking games, kids’ games then dice games that families can play. Although some of these games are easy to learn, some might be hard to understand.

Playing dice games is a great way to collaborate, bond, and improve cognitive skills. And you can play them with more than just family or friends; you can play them with strangers, that is what is fun about them. Whether at your home or on a bus.

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There isn’t any shortage of dice games that family and friends can play, in all honesty. Considering how technology has shaped the world, friends and family can easily play dice games through their phones, PC, and game consoles. Even if you’re a child or adult, here is a list of dice games you can enjoy:


Backgammon is an ancient dice game; in the world, according to facts, it’s as old as 5,000 years. People played Backgammon in ancient Persia and Mesopotamia. Famous investors and one of the wealthiest people globally, Warren Buffet, love playing dice games.

Backgammon is a game of luck but requires skill; a person seemingly new to the sport can win a champion of Backgammon by just rolling a dice. But over time, it won’t be that way; that’s where skill comes in.

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragon is another fun dice game, also called D&D. It’s a tabletop game involving a group going on an adventure full of danger and caught up in making tough decisions.

The rolling of a dice determines the outcome of the in-game events. Dungeon and Dragon might be hard to play for new players, so it’s good you learn by playing with experienced players if you’re new to the game.


Bunco is a dice game that’s played with nine dice. Most times, about 12 people play the game. Those 12 players are split into a team of four. Although more or fewer players than 12 can play the game.

In Bunco, players try to roll a dice that tallies with the current round they’re playing. The players are in round two; they must roll the dice to get two’s. Similarly, they must roll the dice to get fours if they’re in round four.

Whenever a player makes a successful roll, it’s called a Bunco by getting the required number after rolling the dice. When a player receives a Bunco, the player receives a reward. The game involves a team having the most Bunco – having a successful outcome after the dice roll, which means getting the required number.


Mexico is another fun dice game; it’s simple to play, two different teams play the game, and each player owns their dice; the dice dictate the player’s life after each round of play. It starts with a six and lowers eventually.

After every game, the player with the lowest number, after a dice roll, loses a life, and the winner of the game rolls the dice without losing all lives after other players have lost their lives.


Yahtzee is a viral dice game, and many people play it. Poker games inspire the game. Students studied Yahtzee in universities; it was a subject of academic research focused on probability statistics, analysis, etc. Many think Yahtzee is considered a game of luck, but in all honesty, a player’s skill and strategy define how the player wins the game. It’s just the same as a poker game, where proper technique and skills are needed to win the game.

Players use about thirteen categories for dice rolls, and when a player uses a class for a dice roll, the player can’t use it again. Each type has its scoring system.


Althogh there are numerous dice games, the dice games listed above are some of the best ones players love to play, not that they are trendy. Dice games like Liar’s Dice, Dice Chess, and Pig, other dice games are popular among players who live dice games.

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