Technology That’s Changing the Face of Business

Aug 23

Technology That’s Changing the Face of Business

A person has a desire to look into the future to satisfy their curiosity. The business has to do this for other reasons: every top manager wants his business to flourish and develop, and this cannot be achieved without understanding where the world is heading. Now, in a period of rapid technological development, when innovations that change the world appear more than once every 100 years, but much more often, it is especially hard to make predictions. Still, there are those technologies that can seriously affect the future. As it turned out, a significant part of them already exists or is being developed.

1.   Robots Saving Birds

One of the most notable and therefore compelling innovations of the future is associated with drones, both ground and airborne. From science fiction films, sooner or later, they should be transferred to real life, experts are sure. The development of unmanned vehicles is necessary to increase the safety of movement, ensure the connectivity of countries and regions, and even, albeit in the distant future, erase borders. Already today, unmanned harvesters can see a lapwing’s nest on the field and go around it. A man would simply not have noticed it. Besides, the advantage of drones is that, unlike many other innovations, they do not separate a person from society, but vice versa.

The threat of mass unemployment caused by the spread of drones (as well as other technologies) is greatly overestimated in this case. Former taxi drivers, pilots, and couriers will simply have to retrain, for instance, as drone operators. It is necessary to perceive technology as tools of labour that require new skills and abilities. What we are experiencing now is an analogue of what our distant ancestors went through during the transition from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. The transformation of the tools of labour leads to the emergence of other professions. People will have to find their place in the world.

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2.   Healthcare Technologies

Among the innovations that can really change the world in the future, experts name, first of all, biotechnology – their significance became especially noticeable during the pandemic. Also, among the promising ones is 3D printing of organs: something has already been done, but there are even more discoveries ahead that can improve the quality of life and even its duration.

At the same time, innovations must solve the problems of specific industries or businesses – then they will be in demand. For instance, in the same medicine, a significant technology-based trend is personalization. Continuous collection of health data and periodic research can turn the medical approach from reactive (treating in case of illness) to proactive – preventing the onset of illness. After all, prevention is always cheaper than treatment. This means that it will lead to an improvement in the health of the population, and to a reduction in the costs of treating mass diseases, and, most importantly, to the ability to redistribute the unleashed funds and forces to treat more serious diseases.

3.   From 4 to 6G

Investments in the future are the development of communication networks since it is the telecommunications component that is the foundation for the development of most innovations. While you often hear that 4G is enough for the current needs of people and businesses, there is an understanding of why a fifth or even sixth generation is needed. It is augmented and virtual reality, holographic technologies. Besides, without 6G, it will be impossible to ensure the safety of airborne unmanned vehicles since in this case, low signal transmission delays that 4G networks cannot provide are crucial.

6G can be used in a variety of ways, as the next generation of communications will lead to completely different technologies and business models. This has already happened: before the launch of 4G networks, few people predicted such a significant transformation of the taxi or Insta business. In the future, with the next generations of communication, more resource-intensive content and businesses will appear, which means that we may face changes.

By 2023, a deficit in the capacity of mobile networks is being formed, although technical specialists include the increasing needs of users (and this is about 30% of the increase in data traffic per year) in plans for the construction and expansion of the network. So, the launch of 6G networks will give a new impetus to the development of digital solutions and smart cities. Therefore, even though the situation with 6G is not yet developing in the way that market participants would like, there are high expectations associated with this technology.

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