Best Websites To Download Nollywood Movies Free Online

Jun 24


The Nigerian movie industry, also known as Nollywood, has been on the rise over the last decade, which is why I will be sharing the best websites to download Nigerian Nollywood movies for free in 2024 in the best quality you would like to watch your movies in, as well as some of these sites to download foreign movies, so it is a mix of movies.

I’m a great fan of Nigerian Nollywood films. I thought it would be fun to share the websites I use to get the latest Nollywood movies for free, and some of these websites are paid to watch Nigerian movies in 2024.

Some of the websites I’ll mention can also be utilised to download not only Nollywood films, but also Ghanaian and other African films (tho not prominent). Except for the one that requires a subscription, most of these websites offer free downloads of these movies.

In terms of revenue, Nollywood is ranked third in the world. Only Hollywood (in the United States) and Bollywood (in India) are ahead of Nollywood. The greatest websites for free and paid Nigerian movie downloads are listed here.

Nollywood movies primarily bring us closer to our African heritage; our culture and values are portrayed in the films, lifestyle, clothing, and even food. Premium cable tv users can view Nollywood movies on channels such as African Magic (AM), WAP TV, Iroko TV, TVC, and many more.

With the support of satellite TV providers like as DSTV, Startimes, GoTV, and even on-demand local television channels, but when we need certain movies to view, the internet comes in handy.



Iroko TV is your best bet for uninterrupted online movie streaming. The software allows you to stream movies, save them for later, and even download them to your smartphone.

The Iroko TV app is a modern programme with a clean layout that is up to date and lightweight, which helps to reduce large amounts of data usage. The Iroko TV app is available for Android and iOS devices, and it features the most recent Nollywood films for your viewing pleasure.

You can download the Iroko TV app directly from their official website and select your device type to download and install on your phone; the software is also available on several mobile app stores.


Net Naija is the ideal platform for downloading Nigerian movies; this website offers a vast database of Nollywood movies that are all available for free with subtitles and translations. Net Naija offers movies that are currently playing in theatres as well as those that have yet to be released.

Meanwhile, Net Naija isn’t just a domain for Naija movies; you can also find Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Korean movies, and random movies on this site.

In brief, you may locate any movie, both old and new, and they are neatly grouped in categories for easy access. You can also use the website’s search option to look for a certain film. Net Naija categories include humour, action, war, romance, horror, sci-fi, and many more in a well-condensed definition for any platform, including PCs, Android iPhones, and others.


Nollyland, have you heard of it? This is a must-have app for any Nollywood movie fan. It allows you to watch the latest Nollywood movies by streaming them directly and also download them to your device.

What you’ll like best about Nollyland is that there are no bothersome advertisements or interruptions until you’ve finished watching the entire movie. Nollyland has a lot of movie categories such as comedy, soap operas, reality TV shows, TV series, tragedy, biographies, and many more. My favourite feature is that you can search for uploaded movies and post your own for people to view.


Afrinolly is a popular website, but for those who are hearing this term for the first time, you should be aware of this lovely website. Afrinolly has a selection of Nigerian movies.

Make use of the search bar to look for a trendy movie or even an old movie. You can watch it straight through streaming or download it to your device. All device platforms are supported, including Android, iOS, Java, and Windows.


You’ve probably heard of this name before; it’s a highly popular name in Nigeria. Ibaka TV is one of the greatest places to download Nollywood movies; here you can watch your favourite Yoruba movies.

You are not limited to Yoruba movies; you may also watch movies in your native language, such as Igbo, Efik, Hausa, Tiv, and many others. You have optimised information about movies, producers, and stars so that you may feel at ease on the platform.

  1. OKIKI

Okiki is another fantastic website that provides access to new and high-quality Nollywood films, as well as other African content, African cultures, biographies, and our way of life.

Okiki will constantly keep you up to date on the newest in the Nollywood movie industry; new movies are released every day. There are additional categories to pick from, making it simple to find your preferred movie kind. Okiki only has apps for Android and iOS devices, so you won’t be able to use the platform unless you have these apps.


Buzz Nigeria, like the others we’ve named among the top best Nollywood movies download websites, is a website entirely focused on entertainment and news broadcast.

Buzz Nigeria is your go-to source for educational and entertaining stuff. There is music, gossip, and other interesting things. Buzz Nigeria also produces weekly uploads of new Nollywood movies, and they have some stunning selections of movies for you to stream or download and view on VLC player or other video players on mobile and PC.


It’s awesome to be able to watch Nollywood content from all over the world, and Tvnolly appears to be the top choice among Nigerians in the diaspora, or Nigerians living abroad in London, the United States, Germany, Australia, India, and Ghana.

Everyone has unlimited access to Nigerian movies, the website is free of irritating advertisements, and the server is lightning fast.


The Nigerian movie network is the next on the list of the top ten websites to download Nollywood movies. This platform simplifies everything for Nollywood movie aficionados, and all of their movies are available for free to users.

You will be able to not only watch movies, but also download them and read the latest entertainment news.

This website caters to series fans by allowing them to watch and download Nollywood series without restriction.


As the name suggests, you already know what to anticipate from this website: free access to thousands of Nollywood movies, streaming Nollywood movies online, and downloading Nollywood movies to your phone or PC.

Their movie collection is well-organized and compressed for the latest technology, so you can stream as many movies as you like, from the classics to the most recent.

Do not be concerned about copyrights because all of the movies on this website are legal and they have permission to upload some of them; nevertheless, in order to watch them, you must be a registered member, which you can easily do on the portal. There is no cost.

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