Why Kenyans love the Big Bash League

Aug 23

Why Kenyans love the Big Bash League

The Kenyans are fans of a wide range of sports. One of the most popular has to be cricket. While the nation itself may be a little limited in terms of its teams, that doesn’t mean that those that live there don’t enjoy the thrill of every ball that’s bowled.

This love of cricket means that Kenyans go wild when it comes to the Big Bash League. You may be wondering what’s so special about this cricketing league, and why it’s proved to be quite so popular in Kenya. If so then read on, as that’s exactly what we’re going to be taking a look at here.

What is the Big Bash League

Established in 2011, the Big Bash League replaced the T20 Big Bash. It is a cricket tournament in Australia where teams follow the T20 format. This means that teams are limited to 20 overs each which allows for a much faster-paced game.

There are eight teams that compete in this tournament and it runs throughout December, January, and February each year. In many ways, it can be viewed as the Australian version of the IPL. The league focuses on homegrown talent and limits the number of overseas players that each team is allowed in their squads.

The perfect sport to bet on

Now let’s be honest, those in Kenya are huge fans of placing a wager on their favourite sports. They love nothing more than keeping an eye on the big bash cricket live score to see if their wagers have paid off. While cricket may not seem the ideal sport to bet on, because the Big Bash League follows the T20 format, it’s different to the traditional game.

Big Bash League games are fast. They’re exciting. They’re over in around the same time as a football match. It’s not like the old days when all you had was test cricket and you had to wait for days for the outcome. Now, Kenyans can place their bets and know if they’ve won in around 90 minutes.

A carnival atmosphere

Something that the Kenyans are particularly good at is holding a carnival. In fact, this is something that many of the African nations are well known for. They love to get involved and enjoy all that a carnival has to offer. To many, this is part of the draw when it comes to the Big Bash League.

Cricket is no longer the slightly tedious affair it once was. This new, super-fast, version of the game comes with plenty of touches to liven it all up. That means music, it means performers, and it means great food. There really is a carnival feel to this league and it is one that Kenyans immerse themselves in.

When this is combined with what can only be described as the perfect betting experience, it soon becomes clear why Kenyans are such big fans of the Big Bash League. With plans to introduce new teams in the pipeline, you can be sure that this popularity is only set to grow.

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