How Billy Markus invented Dogecoin

Aug 23

How Billy Markus invented Dogecoin

If you know anything at all about cryptocurrencies, you can’t have failed to notice their dramatic increase in value of late. Of course, the original of these cryptos is Bitcoin and this is still the one that steals the headlines and sets the standards. Wherever Bitcoin may go, the anticipation is that this is where others will follow, but that is not always the case.

Hot on the heels came an abundance of cryptocurrencies all looking to be the next best thing. The creators had studied Bitcoin, identified its shortcomings, and created something that could be its superior. However, not all cryptocurrencies were approached in this way. The story of Billy Markus and Dogecoin is a little different!

The joke coi

For Markus, Bitcoin was something to be mocked, or at least that is how he used to feel – it is fair to say that he has experienced a change of heart. Dogecoin was born out of that mockery and the story goes that it took just two hours to create what has gone on to become one of the most spoken about cryptos.

Back in 2013, Markus fashioned his currency on a dog. The Shibu Inu to be precise. His thought was that he had mastered the workings of Bitcoin but surely no one would take dog money seriously. Much to his surprise, they actually did. Fast forward a few years and now Dogecoin is one of the most talked-about cryptos and the one that people are willing to go up and up in value.

 How did Dogecoin get here?

When Markus launched Dogecoin, what he really did was create a whole community. Those who saw the coin clambered to buy it and then they all came together in support to push the follow-up. The community feel to Dogecoin is what makes this crypto a little different to the others out there. Yes, the value will always matter, but there is so much more to this coin.

Other factors that have increased the popularity of Dogecoin are comments made by a certain Elon Musk. He has long shown his support of Dogecoin and his comments can often send the value of this crypto skyrocketing.

How Dogecoin is being used

Far from being the joke that Doge was intended to be, it has numerous practical uses right now. Perhaps one of the most popular is the use of the currency in online casinos. A dogecoin casino will allow players to deposit with the crypto as well as withdraw their winnings in the same way. The way in which Dogecoin works makes it perfect for casino players.

Aside from online casinos, Dogecoin is also used to tip users on platforms such as Reddit. There are also multiple retailers and merchants who accept the coin as payment. Dogecoin has come a long way from its initial conception and Markus must be perhaps the person who has been the most surprised by its continuing success.

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